Why You May Need to Give a Helping Hand to Your Transmission

Does your regular activity take you off the beaten path, with you driving your car down un-maintained roads and over hilly and undulating terrain? If so, you may have upgraded your wheels and tyres to take this into account, but you should also spare a thought for your transmission. Did you know that this can wear out more quickly in this type of scenario unless you fit an aftermarket component to help it take the strain? Should you think about installing a transmission cooler, just in case?

The Need to Stay Cool

When you drive in rough conditions and on unpredictable surfaces, the transmission may have to work a lot harder as it tries to adjust the speed of the vehicle to the road beneath. As it does so, it will get even hotter than normal and this will lead to issues if you're not careful. To compensate for this, you can fit a transmission cooler to the front of the vehicle and connect it to your transmission so that the lubricant is piped through the system, cooled by airflow and then returned to its origin. The air flowing over the fins of this cooler will dissipate heat effectively and will make a noticeable difference.

Mounting Options

You can get a mounting kit with flexible brackets that will allow you to place the cooler in a strategic location next to the radiator. However, much will depend on the type of cooler that you choose as some are much larger and require a more stable base.

Cooler Types

Typically, there are three different types of cooler available on the aftermarket and you can start off by looking at a tube and fin version. This features appropriately named turbulators that shake up the fluid as it passes within the aluminium tubes. As it does so, heat is absorbed by the tube itself before it is transferred to the fins and subsequently dissipated.

Alternatively, you could choose a plate and fin cooler that features a range of smaller and flatter plates to help dissipate the heat, instead of relying on the narrower aluminium fins.

Heavy-Duty Use

The stacked plate cooler is the largest of all versions and features high-capacity turbulators. If you happen to tow a trailer at the same time as you're driving on these unmade roads, then you need all the help you can get and this is the solution you should choose.

Being Prepared

Remember to service your transmission frequently with this type of activity. When you combine this with a good quality cooler you should avoid the risk of any breakdown.

If you're looking at parts to improve your vehicle, make sure you consider recycled and spare parts.