3 Common Myths to be Aware of When Buying Truck Parts

Buying truck parts can be quite confusing to a novice. You must know a component's name, model, part number, and fit. It is the only way to purchase genuine parts for a truck. However, these are not the only issues you have to deal with as a newbie fleet manager. The industry is laden with myths and misconceptions regarding truck parts, making it difficult for fleet managers to make the right purchasing decisions. This article highlights some of the most common myths to watch out for. 

You Should Buy Truck Parts From Authorized Dealers Only

A fleet manager's main objective is to ensure that trucks are in an optimal condition at all times. It means fitting each vehicle with genuine parts. The best place to purchase replacement truck parts is an authorised dealer's store since they only sell genuine pieces. However, it does not mean that you cannot get genuine components from unauthorised dealers. Unfortunately, some fleet managers tend to buy parts from authorised dealers only, which can be a problem if the pieces in question are not in stock. Consequently, you might end up grounding trucks for days as you wait for the shipment of spare parts. You can find original parts from unauthorised dealers as long as you are willing you pay the right price.       

You Need to Match the Parts to the Truck Model

Today, it is easy for truck manufacturers to develop different models. In most cases, the models' differences are so small that it can be difficult to tell them apart. It often poses a problem to fleet managers who strictly buy components specifically designed for the truck model in question. There is no doubt that trucks perform optimally when model-specific parts are used. However, it does not mean that a component from another truck model cannot work. The reason is that some truck parts are designed to fit across different models. Therefore, if you do not find the exact parts for your truck, you can settle for a different model that fits just as well, which goes a long way in saving time and sustaining operations. 

You Have to Check the Name on the Box

It is normal to buy truck spares from a storefront. Usually, the manufacturer's name appears on the packaging. However, you need to be careful because the component inside might be different from what you ordered. A common mistake that fleet managers make is not bothering confirming spare parts before leaving a store. Remember that a spare part matters more than the brand name on the packaging.

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