Top Tips When Buying Fuso Truck Parts

Would you want to buy parts for your Fuso truck? Most owners are always in a dilemma of whether to purchase new, old or refurbished parts for their vehicles. Below is a guide on the various considerations to make when buying Fuso truck parts.

1. Before buying any parts, check whether the damaged or worn out component can be repaired. For instance, turbochargers can be dismantled and rebuilt. The same applies to alternators, drivetrains and engines. If the part cannot be repaired, ask your mechanic to conduct an extensive inspection to know whether you require other components to repair the truck. For example, if your radiator is damaged, the head gasket may need replacement if the vehicle had overheated for long. 

2. Purchase genuine OEM parts for your Fuso truck. You will find cheap replicas sold over the internet. Low-quality parts will wear out after a few weeks. Besides, they may compromise the safety of your treasured truck. Local dealers are your best bet when purchasing new parts. They have a catalogue of the parts produced by the manufacturer and can, therefore, advice whether the part you need is available in the country. New parts will come with a warranty. Besides, the dealer may provide free shipping or installation.

3. It may be challenging to get new parts for trucks that are no longer in production or those imported from other parts of the world. If this is the case, you may have to go for refurbished or used parts. Refurbished parts are those that were once in use but have been repaired to an almost new state. For instance, a rebuilt camshaft will have a shiny look, zero rust and cracks. Besides, the lobes and heels may have been reshaped back to their original state or adjusted to increase the vehicle's performance. 

4. If you cannot afford refurbished parts, purchase used parts online or at your local spare part dealership. When buying a used part, carry a sample with you to ensure it fits in your vehicle. You could test the part at the dealership or ask the seller to give a guarantee. Online purchases can be a tricky affair. As such, it is advisable to ascertain the reputation of the website or seller.

Other than site reviews, you could also ask for referrals from the many Fuso truck forums on the internet. Most sellers will give a warranty on the used part. However, it would be worthwhile to check their return policy. For instance, you would want to avoid sellers that do not ship replacement parts instantly. 

Service records will help you know when to change the various parts. Besides, preventive maintenance such as oiling moving parts will improve the longevity of your truck.