What's the Difference Between Full-Service and Self-Serve Auto Parts Recyclers?

Auto parts wrecking companies recycle and sell car parts from the cars they wreck. This is a cost-effective way of getting parts at a lower cost than buying them new. Even though a car may be scheduled for wrecking, it often still has working parts in it that can be recycled into other vehicles.

If you're looking for replacement parts, then you may have looked at local wrecking companies to see what's available. During your search, you'll notice that some wreckers offer full-service recycling while other offer self-serve parts.

What the difference between the two?

What Is Full-Service Recycling?

Wreckers that work on a full-service model strip all useful parts off cars before they wreck them. Their staff take everything off the car that is salvageable. They then sell these parts to their customers.

Often, they'll clean parts up and check them over before they sell them. Many companies also fit parts for you. They either employ mechanics or have deals with local companies who can do this kind of work.

So, if you're looking for replacement shock absorbers for your Subaru, look for Subaru recyclers in your area. Once you find one with the right parts for your car, you go along and buy them over the counter.

What Is Self-Serve Recycling?

Self-serve wrecking companies also sell car parts, but they work differently. These companies don't strip out cars themselves but make the vehicles available to their customers.

If you want a self-serve part, you go to the yard, find the right car and then remove the parts yourself. Once you have the parts you need, you pay for them. Some self-serve companies also offer fitting services.

So, to find your shock absorbers in a self-serve yard, you'd need one that has a suitable Subaru in stock that still has the shock absorbers in it.

Which Option Should You Choose?

Self-serve recycled parts are generally cheaper than full-service parts. Full-service companies have to add labour costs to their part prices. This isn't an issue with self-serve parts, as you're effectively doing the work yourself, so you only pay for the part.

However, self-serve only works well if you have the skills to get parts out of a car or if you can take someone with you to do the work. If you're not mechanically minded, then a full-service option is a better fit.

To find out if you can get the parts you want from a recycling yard, call local auto wreckers and explain what you need.