How Companies Renovate and Recycle Key Automotive Parts

Vehicle manufacturers are required to ensure that any new cars produced today can be (largely) recycled. This has created an entire industry, as millions of vehicles reach the end of their useful life and are repurposed each year. While some parts cannot be saved as-is and will find their way into an entirely different pool, manufacturers recover other parts that can be renovated and reused again. So, how does this process work?

Is Your Power Steering System Singing to You?

If you can hear a strange, almost melodic whine when you turn the steering wheel in your car, you may be wondering what on earth is going on. The tune appears to change as you move the wheel from one point to another, and you may, in certain circumstances, notice that it seems more challenging to do this than usual. In this case, the culprit may be your power steering pump, so what do you need to know about this issue?

3 Common Myths to be Aware of When Buying Truck Parts

Buying truck parts can be quite confusing to a novice. You must know a component's name, model, part number, and fit. It is the only way to purchase genuine parts for a truck. However, these are not the only issues you have to deal with as a newbie fleet manager. The industry is laden with myths and misconceptions regarding truck parts, making it difficult for fleet managers to make the right purchasing decisions.

Top Tips When Buying Fuso Truck Parts

Would you want to buy parts for your Fuso truck? Most owners are always in a dilemma of whether to purchase new, old or refurbished parts for their vehicles. Below is a guide on the various considerations to make when buying Fuso truck parts. 1. Before buying any parts, check whether the damaged or worn out component can be repaired. For instance, turbochargers can be dismantled and rebuilt. The same applies to alternators, drivetrains and engines.

How a Mitre Box Can Make Your Weekends Less Fraught

If you love to potter around in your garage on a weekend as you tackle various hobby projects, you'll want to make sure that you have the best tools and equipment for the job. You may not aspire to be a professional in terms of your work by any means, but you're proud of what you can achieve and will want to make sure that each project lives up to your aspiration.