What's the Difference Between Full-Service and Self-Serve Auto Parts Recyclers?

Auto parts wrecking companies recycle and sell car parts from the cars they wreck. This is a cost-effective way of getting parts at a lower cost than buying them new. Even though a car may be scheduled for wrecking, it often still has working parts in it that can be recycled into other vehicles. If you're looking for replacement parts, then you may have looked at local wrecking companies to see what's available.

3 Practical Guidelines for Replacing Your Clutch

Manual transmission vehicles are favoured over the automatic alternatives by numerous drivers because they provide more control over the automobile. In addition, the right manual driving practices will allow for fuel savings. However, if you have a manual vehicle, you will need a good clutch for ideal performance. The clutch is a critical component which is designed to connect and disconnect the engine to and from the gearbox.  Moreover, it is responsible for transferring torque to the transmission.

Commercial Trucks: Three Maintenance Tips for Your Air Brake System

Compressed air brake systems are ideal for use in commercial trucks because the flow of air is not limited. In simple terms, these brakes will not be compromised by the lack of fluid like standard hydraulic brakes. You should also note that air brakes have considerable effectiveness even when leakage occurs in the system. Therefore, a truck can be stopped safely even after damage. However, you should note that the efficiency of your air brakes will depend on your upkeep practices.

Why You May Need to Give a Helping Hand to Your Transmission

Does your regular activity take you off the beaten path, with you driving your car down un-maintained roads and over hilly and undulating terrain? If so, you may have upgraded your wheels and tyres to take this into account, but you should also spare a thought for your transmission. Did you know that this can wear out more quickly in this type of scenario unless you fit an aftermarket component to help it take the strain?

Is Your Engine Under the Right Amount of Pressure?

The modern-day car engine is under considerable pressure, quite literally. This is because technological advancements over the last couple of decades have led to the development of high-performance engines in even the humblest car, designed to get more out of a smaller capacity set up. For this to happen, both fuel and air have to be delivered under a significant amount of pressure and this calls for turbochargers and fuel injector parts in most vehicles.